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is there any creature more dignified and majestic than the cat?

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such grace, such poise, such … moistness

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carli davidson is the genius-goddess who brought us both Shake and Shake Puppies, two excellent and hilarious books. but as everyone knows – everything that is good with dogs is even better with cats.

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of course, getting cats to comply is the trick. you can toss a dog into a kiddie pool and it’ll be happy as pie to shake it off and still be your pal. cats are typically less interested in water and being … discomposed. and they hold grudges, boy.

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but carli davidson is – again – a genius-goddess and she came up with the solution: rather than “dumping water on them,” which you can totally do with dogs, but you do it to cats at your own risk, she brought in a professional who administered ear cleaning fluid to these little kitties and then ….SHAKE!!!

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so they got their ears cleaned, which considering most of the cats in the book were shelter/rescue cats and had been living on the mean streets, was actually good for them and not just a trick to make them make goofy faces for our amusement

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but that – yes – also had the result of making them make goofy faces for our amusement.

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as davidson says, It’s amazing what you can achieve with some catnip and a laser pointer. like turn cats into straight-up zombies rarrrrr

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the book contains 64 cats in the middle of 128 shakes and it is both adorable

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and grotesque

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and it also contains plenty of reminders about how grateful and sweet shelter cats, particularly older shelter cats, are and reminders about spaying and neutering and having lots of cats to love, even if some of our longings are never to be:

When I was a child, I walked into my local animal shelter and with all the self-assurance of a seven-year-old requested its largest cat. What I really wanted was a tiger, but when I learned the unfortunate truth that my parents were unable to support this dream, I figured I’d settle for the next best thing.

if you can’t have a tiger, having lots of cats is a pretty good substitute because maybe one day you will walk in on them and discover they are secretly transformers and it’ll be like having one giant cat with SO MANY FACES. which i don’t think is horrifying, but maybe it is. oh, well.

here are more cats shaking!

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now go out and buy this book and buy a bunch of cats and do cute things with them and make a book of you doing cute things with them and i will review it!

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