Quid Pro Quo (The Administration, #2)Quid Pro Quo by Manna Francis
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it’s the continuing erotic adventures of


if you have read my review for mind fuck, this makes sense, if not, this could be the start of a long and expensive lawsuit!

so, this is book two in the administration series, my foray into m/m erotica. this volume is comprised of a novella and a few short stories. the novella gets a cranky thumbs-down from me. it begins with an emergency room sexual mishap and then goes snoringly into a tepid kidnap and corporate-espionage plot that i could neither follow nor care about. book, be more fun!

the stories, though, are great. i really care about these men and their bdsm relationship. come on, guys, be more in love! you know you want it! toreth, stop being such a dog—warrick, stop being so cold. love is in the air, stop playing games. (but watch out for murrrderrrr)

but golly, here is my problem. they are gay and they like sex—so why aren’t they talking about gey sex all the time so the reader knows they are gay?? and they are human and they must eat food—so why aren’t they talking about food all the time so we know they like it? i mean, yeah—one time they have a meal, but that probably means they don’t really like to eat, otherwise, the author would be sure to describe every meal in great detail. and air?? why aren’t they constantly noting every time they breathe?? it’s like the author doesn’t know what people are the most interested in hearing about, or how to develop character. i know someone who could teach manna francis a thing or two.

that snarky homage aside, i am very interested in the rest of this series. see, dana—i am turning into you, slowly!

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