Poorly Drawn Lines: Good Ideas and Amazing StoriesPoorly Drawn Lines: Good Ideas and Amazing Stories by Reza Farazmand
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because i am not someone who knows things, i had never come across the web comic that gave birth to this book. i just saw a kitty on the cover of this book and bought it. fortunately for me, and unlike some of my other impulsive decisions, this one worked out and i had many giggles as i turned the pages.

i enjoy this kind of simple-cute art

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weirdo scenarios

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and cheese-love

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and i really appreciate all the truths this book is unafraid to reveal about birds and what dicks they are

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it’s true that there’s some sameness to the jokes after a while, and they don’t all hit the high hilarity mark, but the ones that do were good enough for me to be glad i’m such a bookgrabby person.

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and i also liked the ones that weren’t funny, but prescient and scary

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there are even a couple of unillustrated story-stories and i’m unashamed to admit this one made me laugh a bunch

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this book taught me a lot about the dangers of honesty

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and in believing all the rumors

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and why ghosts make bad friends

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and… well, this one taught me nothing but it made me snicker anyway

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there are laughs in the book, and there are free laughs on the web comic. consult your budget and make your decisions accordingly.

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