Merry Christmas, Squirrels!Merry Christmas, Squirrels! by Nancy Rose
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a hundred million thank yous to erica, without whom i wouldn’t have heard about nancy rose’s first book: The Secret Life of Squirrels, nor would i physically have this follow-up christmas-themed book in my grateful little hands.

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now, before anyone starts crying nooo those poor squirrelsnever fearthese are real live squirrels who haven’t been pickled and stuffed at all.

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these amazing photographs are the result of rose’s superhuman patience, where she builds tiny props and arranges them into little welcoming tableaux in her backyard, hides delicious peanuts throughout them and then sits back and waits for her squirrel-friends to come for a visit, capturing them on film acting like fuzzy little people with zero photoshopping or other trickery.

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is there a peanut in this bag??

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what about in this cup??

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does this car run on peanuts???

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if i snowblow your yard, can i have a peanut???

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ack so cute! and industrious!

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and i know that these are not genuine nerd squirrels and they are probably just regular squirrels who are sneakily eating peanuts and not actually reading those tiny books, but a girl can dream that they are doing both, right?

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because that’s what i am dreaming. i am also dreaming they want to snuggle with me because i am capable of having two dreams simultaneously the way a squirrel is capable of reading.

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thank you so very much to erica and nancy rose and squirrels!

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