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Lactating Lisa BabysitsLactating Lisa Babysits by Levi Adair
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okay, the fact that i had to learn about this book from dana, of all people, cracks me up. this kind of shit should be on my radar, for goodness’ sake, not the queen of m/m. these are boobies, which i consider my department!

and these are my thoughts:

1) the boob on the cover is totally gross.

2) i do not even understand the plot of this book. why does the husband have a baby-sitter? i mean, i know why he has her – lactating women are clearly fertile and he can put his babies in her etc., but why is he left with a babysitter? is he in need of supervision? and what is the significance that she is a “live” babysitter? has he been left with dead ones in the past? it boggles the mind with possibilities…

3) just for fun, type “lactating” into the search thingie. you might be surprised at how many matches come up. you might not – i don’t know all your collective kinks…

4) how has no one on this entire website read this, and who will do a group read of it with me? you know, fer serious littry pursuits.RBRS, maybe?? i can has lactation? i read your twincest book!

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