Good Families Don'tGood Families Don’t by Robert Munsch
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i added this book to my to-read list ages ago and finally got my hands on a copy. and i must have known when i added it, but had long since forgotten that it was by the same author who wrote that creepy bookLove You Forever.

you know, this guy

i have never read that one myself, but anne’s review is, as the kids say, epic.

this one is far less creepy, but just as weird. it is about…farts.

and this is the artist’s rendition of a fart:

 photo IMG_6785_zpsws4ioo02.jpg

and this is how a fart powers itself up:

 photo IMG_6790_zpsn3penozy.jpg

the book’s conclusion is that everyone farts and that’s okay, but the path to this conclusion is a harrowing journey of denial and shame:

 photo IMG_6786_zpsxnglk3cx.jpg

the police are called to the scene of this farting emergency, because in canada, what else do the police have to do?

but the police are also in deep denial:

 photo IMG_6787_zpsqgjnl1jg.jpg

and despite not existing (or perhaps because of not existing?) farts do not recognize the authority of the canadian police:

 photo IMG_6788_zpsn2ozoxjl.jpg

this is not the kind of gleefully juvenile whimsy i expected from an author who wrote that “mommy stalks because she loves you” book, but i’m glad to see he has a sense of humor about farting, which is truly the height of all comedy. and THAT’S coming from an american, so fear not, canadiansfart it up and we’ll still let you live in our top bunk.

commence farting…. NOW!

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