For Every JackFor Every Jack by R.K. Duncan
My rating: 3/5 cats
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“It was a bad time. People prefer to remember better things.”

“It’s still important,” snapped Ines. “We did it. Everything that took us to the Last Gasp was a choice people made, and we survived, but if we just sweep it away and pretend the stations were ‘the next step of humanity’s glorious rise,’ we’ll do it all over again.”

It was going to be hard keeping that intensity from digging up too much.

this story is real short. because it’s so short, it doesn’t have much space to develop, and it ends up feeling like a superficial pass at a complicated situation set in a complicated environment. i didn’t feel satisfied, sitting here with all my questions about the core realities of this world. worlds.

it’s a low three, because it’s not that the writing is bad, but that it needs a lot more to make it register as a story, for me. which, if i’m wanting more, can only be a positive complaint, right?

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