F in Exams: Pop Quiz: All New Awesomely Wrong Test AnswersF in Exams: Pop Quiz: All New Awesomely Wrong Test Answers by Richard Benson
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hhmph. don’t even start…

i have loved this series of silly little humor books:

f this test
f for effort
f in exams

but this one had fewer moments that made me laugh. i guess by the fourth book, you’re scraping the bottom of the funny-barrel a little. happily, i am easily amused, so there were still some that gave me a giggle.

here are seventeen of them!

i love this series for all the answers that pretty much cannot be deemed incorrect, even if they are not an indication that the person has been paying attention to the course material:

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hard to argue with that one.

 photo IMG_3464_zpsep2qvacc.jpg

also, probably true.

 photo IMG_3449_zpsligbr3ms.jpg

also, definitely true.

and with this one, i am hard-pressed to figure out what it’s even doing in the book. this seems like a pretty obvious answer to the question:

 photo IMG_3469_zpsocu6xdu7.jpg

same with this one:

 photo IMG_3467_zps5eclqrms.jpg

and some of them just made me laugh because of how goofy they were:

 photo IMG_3460_zpsxs4gixnl.jpg

 photo IMG_3448_zpsrno2b1sg.jpg

goofy, but frequently also true:

 photo IMG_3466_zpsdrrttuyt.jpg

with some, you can practically smell the smoke from the “smoke and mirrors” desperation:

 photo IMG_3465_zpsi9d6bqvx.jpg

 photo IMG_3458_zpsqdgccbee.jpg

 photo IMG_3451_zpsinl2t4ft.jpg

and some you just gotta pass on charm alone:

 photo IMG_3447_zpsmhxqfu74.jpg

i enjoyed some of the shakespeare ones, although i don’t agree with all the sentiments expressed:

 photo IMG_3457_zpspx119kjq.jpg


 photo IMG_3456_zpsdqpjv0or.jpg

disagree. poor mercutio.

this is just an example of one i thought was adorable. mostly because of the word “usually.”

 photo IMG_3455_zpsomtqenuq.jpg

and sometimes, i can’t help but feel the test was asking for it, with questions dressed like that…

 photo IMG_3453_zpserj0jcyi.jpg

i will leave you with this one because, while patently wrong, it is also so so right. and also illustrated.

 photo IMG_3452_zps58ri2qne.jpg

not as good as the ones that came before, but still worth a few snickers!

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