Endurance (Razorland, #1.5)Endurance by Ann Aguirre
My rating: 3/5 cats
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now that i have my very own book-reading machine, i get to read stuff like this SO CHECK ME OUT, SUCKAS!!

this is another one of those interstitial “who wants to write/read another whole book when we can just bust out a novella and it’ll answer a couple of questions and everyone will be happy??” little numbers.

and i’m happy.

this is just a little shorty that gives the lowdown on what happened in the enclave after deuce and fade left. it is mostly the tale of thimble and stone and boy23, but it also gives closure on what happened to twist and silk and some other characters.

but, it’s 62 pages long, so it’s not going to be more than just an outline, basically.

like any book, to my mind, the action parts are good, the romance parts are dull. add to that the reader-reminders regarding the rules and traditions of the enclave, and you get why this is only a three-star cat read for me. action, booby-traps, discoveries/possibilities are all awesome, but the rest of the stuff just takes up precious space in the tiny book.

in a full-lengther, you can gloss over the romance-y bits without there being much lost, but in this one, ratio is more precarious.

so—thumbs up to the freaks and the action and the stacking of bodies. thumb-to-the-side for the “oooh, our love is forbidden” blah blah.

but i’m glad i can read these things now. i like having questions answered.


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