Easy ChainEasy Chain by Evan Dara
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quick edit three years later to say that i love that when you look up “easy chain” here on goodreads, the second-place match is “the holy bible” by anonymous. pretty perfect, since evan dara is my anonymous deity, and his books are my bibles. meaning, “they give me my faith, but i probably haven’t read them as thoroughly as i should.” but i digress.

evan dara is not for everyone, but he is one of my all-time favorites. which of course means all of his books are difficult to get ahold of, because that’s how the world treats things that appeal to me. he writes huge muddled messy nonlinear whooshes of books that become like a duststorm consuming the reader and leaving us all (even the people not actively reading the book—all of us) breathless and dizzy but crying, “when will you write again??”

but he is stubborn and mysterious and no one really knows much about him, although people say he is actually one of many different, already-established authors: richard powers, william vollmann, thomas pynchon, david foster wallace—for someone who very few people have read, he has developed a cult following of amateur detectives/stalkers who would love to read his diary…this is what it says about him on its brevity makes him even more mysterious. me, i don’t care about the mystery part; or i do, because it is cool, but it’s not relevant. whoever he is, i want him to keep writing. or at least i want him to fight to get The Lost Scrapbook back into print, and making this one easier to get. no one likes an author who is withholding.

i should write this when i am able to make more sense. right now, it is not a strength of mine. i will fix this tomorrow. but feel free to put it on your to-read shelves for now.

in short, and for now. it is untidy, in a really compelling way, and is perfect for people who hate a predictable book.

(i should not write book reviews at work—naughty)

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