Control (The Administration, #4)Control by Manna Francis
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this book reminds me of that old nursery rhyme:

When it was porn it was very, very porn
and when it was not, it was boring.

which is how i remember the rhyme, anyway.

kind of a letdown. this is my fourth book in the series, so it’s not like i was surprised by the lovemaking: “wait, what is happening!! these are two MEN!!! they can’t be doing that with their AAAAACK!!’

but usually, the dirrrrrty stuff is paired with good character development and interesting stories, because i tend to skim sex scenes when i read, to get to the hot character development. i’m reading for the articles, here…

this collection had two novellas, both of which were pretty boring to me, and then one story that just made me hate toreth, which is not a good thing if i am to read the next three books…there were moments that i liked, and was hoping they would blossom into a good story, but most of them remained momentssparkling but isolated like dewdrops on kittens or whatever. overall, i thought the collection was pretty weak. i am hoping this is just a whoopsie dip, because dana assures me that number 6 is the best of them, and if anyone knows the M/M genre, it is her.

i still love warrick and toreth (even though i am making angry squinty eyes at you toreth: i don’t care if it’s your jobthat was a shitty thing to do, man…) and i just hope they can work it all out.

but in more interesting ways, please, volume 5.

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