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yeah, yeah, yeah, ANOTHER cartoon book centered around cats, go ahead and groan.

and now stop groaning, because this title is a tricksy one and it’s only the first part of the book that is cat-centric. the rest focuses on the author/illustrator and her day-to day-life, romantic relationship, and it only occasionally returns to her cat.

i was cross about this discovery and i shouted my cross feelings, which woke up my cat and she yawned and her mouth was soooo big and triangle-shaped, i melted a little and returned to my reading.

the drawing-style varies from the very colorful and detailed:

 photo IMG_5442_zps757bm23c.jpg

to … this:

 photo IMG_8210_zpsd1oehtgl.jpg

and i didn’t understand why until i realized that this book is a collection growing out of a self-imposed challenge – to draw a cartoon each day, no matter how busy/tired/uninspired. and since i am someone who loves a good challenge (or even a shitty one), i stopped crying over being so grossly misled and betrayed by this not being a “true” cat book, and i learned that sometimes people can be interesting, too!

 photo IMG_5437_zpsgmdkulku.jpg

or maybe i’m just narcissistic enough to relate to all the snacking, not-sleeping, social awkwardness and disproportionate feelings of triumph over reaching very small goals that pepper the book.

it’s not perfect through-and-through; when you set parameters like this, obviously there are going to be days where the well is wetter than others, but for fans of Adulthood is a Myth: A “Sarah’s Scribbles” Collection, this frequently covers the exact same ground.


 photo IMG_8209_zpsh8iqxdtg.jpg


 photo IMG_5435_zpsm9xt4m3u.jpg

and on and on.

she has a knack for making the most mundane things seem fresh and funny, even though they definitely shouldn’t be.

 photo IMG_5434_zpsa6i7fpml.jpg

and by “funny”, i obviously mean “tragic” because that was cheese, man! CHEESE!

but again – narcissism means i have to support anyone with bird-frustrations

 photo IMG_5439_zpsxq17zsie.jpg

 photo IMG_5440_zpsbr8qxnd4.jpg

and there’s just so many trooooths in here, mostly involving those little fuzzy bastards we love so much.

like apologizing to your cat when you walk in on them using the litterbox. i do that! and it’s weird! why do i do that?

 photo IMG_8200_zpsr7p5rmxj.jpg

and suffering through uncomfortable positions so you don’t have to relocate a peacefully sleeping kitty who is also a bed-or-chair-hog.

 photo IMG_5424_zpssx6lcvgs.jpg

and how the best way to make a cat endure your affection involves stealth and some light choking

 photo IMG_5433_zpscmiectby.jpg

these are troooths!

also explored – the mystery of how adding two pellets of dry food turns this

 photo IMG_5425_zpsnz1x4vtt.jpg

into this

 photo IMG_5427_zpsgpl9nmf4.jpg

why, cat, WHY???

and here’s a fun game to play along at home:

 photo IMG_8202_zps8rdiuqaw.jpg


 photo IMG_8203_zpsvzjyrjhg.jpg

 photo IMG_0658_zpspzw7svve.jpg


 photo IMG_8204_zpsfd2mvvoy.jpg

 photo IMG_9703_zpse91owosf.jpg


 photo IMG_8205_zpshrutd7yn.jpg


 photo IMG_8206_zpsmdl3ljds.jpg

 photo IMG_8223_zps9y6wqw5m.jpg


 photo IMG_8207_zpsnrsk2agb.jpg

 photo IMG_6593_zpslp3hyqrk.jpg

chicken nugget

 photo IMG_8208_zpskapbiuq5.jpg

this is the advanced chicken nugget, where the tail covers the face entirely.

 photo IMG_7960_zpswpy8yoed.jpg

and, as always, it is hard to argue with science:

 photo IMG_5423_zps48vzoktl.jpg


 photo IMG_5430_zpspjlneoeb.jpg

so, basically, it’s Adulthood is a Myth: A “Sarah’s Scribbles” Collection with MOAR CATS.

and better endpapers

 photo IMG_8211_zpsy7q42fuq.jpg

and that’s never a bad thing.

does she have a tumblr??

don’t ask such silly questions

does she have an instagram??

what did i just say??

any other links you’re gonna have to track down yourselves. try the internet.

here are four more maggie-charades – feel free to play along at home or submit your own:

 photo IMG_9382_zpsluuj5x0v.jpg

 photo IMG_9338_zpsohzpmftu.jpg

 photo IMG_6420_zpsiaedbg7h.jpg

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