Are You Dissing Me?: What Animals Really ThinkAre You Dissing Me?: What Animals Really Think by Simon Winheld
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animals!!! they’re just like us!!! only … much cuter.

 photo IMG_2214_zpsf9cqjukr.jpg

this is another one of those silly little humor books i use as palate-cleansers between big ole narrative books that i have to let settle in my brain before i review. and as a palate-cleanser, it served its purpose ably.

its definitely stronger in its pictures than its words. the things animals apparently think aren’t really laffter-worthy:

 photo IMG_2203_zpsh0m7rdtm.jpg

 photo IMG_2204_zpsfznvkduh.jpg

although sometimes they do echo my own thoughts. evidently my spirit animal is either the otter or the flying squirrel.

 photo IMG_2205_zpsy64ft4ln.jpg

 photo IMG_2206_zpscrxlsly2.jpg

 photo IMG_2207_zpslc9jidni.jpg

but the book is worth looking at because of its illustrations. i love the way he draws animals, even if i’m not in awe of the accompanying text:

 photo IMG_2239_zpsyx1sh4pk.jpg

 photo IMG_2238_zpsbplkrlpq.jpg

whether the animal is already a cutie:

or something less cuddly:

and the way he draws sloths is alone worth the price of admission:

 photo IMG_2216_zpsp7f3nwbd.jpg

especially this one that shows how a sloth does stand-up:

so if you need a little break from story story story, books like these are perfect little vacations from thinking too hard, and no one should feel lazy or frivolous for taking a silly little book vacation. i never feel that way.

now back to my “big” book.

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