A Little Coloring BookA Little Coloring Book by Liz Climo
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o those quarantine blues

liz climo was concerned that we’d all be bored and moody in quarantine, so she made a little coloring book and put it into the world for free which is the nicest thing anyone has done during this pandemic.

you can get it here

the second nicest thing is what greg did, which was to print out that coloring book and mail it to me because i don’t have a printer and i love liz climo and now i am neither bored nor moody so thank you for making everything better, greg!

these aren’t the best photos because this isn’t really coloring paper, but that sounds like i’m a shitty person who punches gift horses in the mouth and i’m NOT. it’s just a tip for those of you who want to print out your own copy—be mindful of your paper choices.

it isn’t a ‘rona-based coloring book, but some of it definitely speaks to our now.

and you can always help it along if you’d like.

thank you liz climo, i adore your books and this is a much-appreciated kindness! i will repay you by buying your new mother’s day book (You’re Mom: A Little Book for Mothers) despite neither having nor being a mother.


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