67 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs67 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs by Jack Shepherd
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look, i like dogs as much as the next guy, but this book makes some incredibly persuasive arguments and supplies compelling photographic evidence proving that cats are just…better. from the very first sentence: Anyone who’s not completely delusional already knows that cats are superior to dogs in every way… the introduction goes on to assert that, after reading this book that uses science to make its case, even those confused enough to prefer dog breath and fleas over delicate noses and purring will see the light. and if it takes more than this collection of incontrovertible evidence to convince you, then you must hate science.

there are 67 reasons in this book, but i will just give you a sampling of the most conclusive.

science says dogs are lazy!

 photo DSC03069_zps16e54662.jpg

 photo DSC03070_zpsfd1e7e10.jpg

science says dogs have no rhythm!

 photo DSC03071_zps0253e782.jpg

 photo DSC03073_zpsa109c46f.jpg

science says dogs have no honor!

 photo DSC03074_zps278af44f.jpg

 photo DSC03076_zps87d39ee1.jpg

science says dogs have no lateral thinking abilities!

 photo DSC03077_zpsdb54a6af.jpg

 photo DSC03078_zpsa3396ea7.jpg

science says dogs are cruel!

 photo DSC03079_zps59718dc9.jpg

 photo DSC03080_zps0a064046.jpg

science says dogs are self-involved!

 photo DSC03081_zps6bb18ef3.jpg

 photo DSC03082_zps669979bd.jpg

science says dogs have less-developed interior design skills!

 photo DSC03086_zps86be6d13.jpg

 photo DSC03089_zps1a27bbba.jpg

science says dogs have poor camouflage skills!

 photo DSC03090_zps5266beab.jpg

 photo DSC03091_zps10a1d575.jpg

science says dogs are unprofessional!

 photo DSC03092_zpse7a08c6d.jpg

 photo DSC03093_zpsff42bf8c.jpg

science says dogs need constant supervision!

 photo DSC03094_zps26150308.jpg

 photo DSC03096_zpsa4dc6c05.jpg

science says dogs are bad parents and also kidnappers!

 photo DSC03097_zps6359dc0c.jpg

 photo DSC03098_zps20a9ae90.jpg

i mean, make your own choices, but just make sure you have all the facts first.

 photo DSC03085_zpsa00f0867.jpg

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